Dash Disposable Pod


Delivering a true menthol flavour, Dash Menthol pods provide a cool and refreshing blast of smooth nic salt. These are a great option for those looking to replicate the sensation of smoking.


Dash Disposable Pod


A smooth and creamy dessert-inspired nic salt pod that promises around 300 puffs per pod. Disposable, discreet and easily portable, these pods are ideal for those looking to ditch traditional cigarettes.


Dash Disposable Pod


A popular flavour that delivers a fresh and fruity taste with ease. Dash’s Strawberry nic salt pods are simply activated by taking a draw, it couldn’t be easier.


Dash Disposable Pod


Crafted with the traditional taste of tobacco, Dash’s Tobacco nic salt pod is ideal for smokers looking to make a switch. With 20mg nic salt, it offers a smooth delivery of nicotine.


Dash Disposable Pod
Fruit Crush


Dash’s Fruit Crush disposable vape pod is a sweet and refreshing alternative to traditional smoking. Nicotine salt disposables offer a quicker hit of nicotine than standard eliquids.


Dash Disposable Pod


Capturing the sweet and juicy notes of Blackcurrant, Dash’s nic salt pods are a great place to start for those switching from cigarettes. This flavour is deliciously refreshing!

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