Why E-Liquid Flavours Are So Important

The number of smokers switching to vaping is rapidly growing with over half of GB vapers being ex-smokers, according to an Action on Smoking survey. The survey also shows that 40% are current smokers who are trying to quit traditional cigarettes. In 2012, there were approximately 700,000 vaper. Then reported in 2018, there were reportedly 4 times that number. Taste and e-liquid flavours are crucial aspect of enticing and keeping smokers away from smoking.

A Wide Range of E-liquid Flavours

There are new eliquid brands and flavours popping up here, there and everywhere! Therefore it’s crucial to have a wide range of delicious and interesting flavours that consumers know they can trust. Whether they vape for fun on the weekend or vape all day, consumers want flavours that keep them satisfied. Creating unique flavours will keep customers intrigued and wanting to try more.

Importance of Tobacco E-liquid Flavours

If you’re trying to capture more smokers to try your product, having a wide range of tobacco flavours is a great place to start. Many smokers are conscious about the health risks associated with smoking which may have encouraged them to look at vaping, opposed to how smoking tastes. Not all tobacco tastes the same so having a variety of different options allows consumers to go for something that they’re used to. This may make make the transition from traditional cigarettes much smoother for the individual. According to Public Health England, over 60% of current smokers want to quit.


Nicotine dosage is an important aspect as more people switch from conventional smoking to vaping. However, nicotine can affect the taste of e-liquid flavours. Our team of expert Flavourologists here at Eliquid Solutions can make tasty bespoke flavours for your business. Find out more about our services here. Nicotine dosages in the UK can’t exceed 20mg/ml and nicotine strengths for eliquids range from 0mg-18mg. 0mg is popular for smokers looking to ditch nicotine or casual vapers. A wide range of flavours helps to keep customers interested and satisfied.

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