How Compliance Can Help You Win

Be it from the Tobacco Products Directive or the Federal Drugs Administration one of the biggest challenges facing the vaping industry today is regulation, and hand-in-hand with that is the problem of the lack of advocacy for vaping at high levels.

If you combine those with the increase in competition from vaping’s recent explosion in popularity, if you’re in the industry it might feel like there’s quite a battle ahead.

Regulation will change the market – there will be winners and losers and there’s no telling how much more it will change  

For vaping, the market might even become more regulated. One look at the tobacco industry shows just how regulated that has become.

Today everything is also of a much higher standard.  Gone are the days of poor products and poor packaging. Just look at some of the latest innovation in hardware, like Smok’s clean, tech-driven designs, to see the future.

But in this environment it is right to think that a market share can potentially be won more easily…

Take a really good product range that functions in a TPD compliant world, combine it with some impressive marketing and it’s possible to make huge advances against the competition.

For vaping to be taken seriously as a mainstream alternative to smoking it’s down to responsible suppliers to pave the way on every detail, from the packaging design to the contents of the eliquid.

Just recently we took delivery of more than a million boxes of our new TPD compliant packaging.  But they’re more than just functional, more than just legally required packaging.  They signal a new step in the Eliquid Solutions brand.

And we’re particularly proud.

They tick every box for those at the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Association.  Our customers are getting premium product packaging for their equally premium eliquid.  Every bottle in every range gets the same treatment.

But during the MHRA submission process we also looked at our offering and refreshed the collections, creating a new menu of eliquid

So the Eliquid Solutions range now comprises of three primary menus, delivering various VG/PG and nicotine blends and a huge variety of flavours.

The Origins range currently has approximately 25 flavours and at 30% VG is the lowest vegetable glycerine blend at Eliquid Solutions.  It’s perfect for smaller powered devices and starter kits and is available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine.

With around 150 flavours in either 50% or 70% VG Eliquid Solutions’s Classic range has the broadest variety of eliquid and nicotine is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.   It’s the range of great choice.

The top level of eliquid in terms of max VG levels comes in the shape of Directors Cut.  At 80% it’s the highest VG blend with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine. There’s around 17 complex blend flavours that produce great clouds and great flavour.

These menus have been built to reflect the individual needs of a broad range of vape customers.  They offer an eliquid solution for students and professionals alike, casual or heavy vapers.

To be compliant the new packaging must display changed messaging including a health warning – ‘This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance’ must be present and covering at least 30% of the two largest surfaces. The packaging must also declare the ingredients in descending order of weight and details of the flavourings must be listed.  The nicotine delivery per dose must be displayed.

There’s other information too – shelf life, storage instructions and batch numbers.

Eliquid Solutions also includes an information leaflet inside each box, similar to those found with medicines, with more details including any side effects.

But of course once you get past those basic rules not all packing was created equally.

In a TPD compliant world eliquid marketing needs to be more considered too

For product descriptions the rules cross a fine line between the allowed mentioning of flavours as a matter of fact, and implying something like a home-made taste, which is considered erroneous under the new directive.  So ‘tastes like mum’s custard’ is not allowed under the new rules nor can you say it’s ‘the cheapest’, or that it offers health benefits, is less harmful, or is energising.

It’s here that the product must speak volumes for itself.

This way the war is won – great product, great marketing.

And therefore choosing your supplier is crucial because success in a TPD world is about more than just compliance.  It’s the whole picture.

There’s just days really, until the TPD cut-off.   If you’re a retailer your successful transition means choosing a trusted producer, and one that understands eliquid beyond mere compliance.

If your usual supplier can’t prove compliance you’re at risk, of course, but if your usual supplier can’t design the decent packaging you need too – that’s compliant at the same time – you might one day see a competitor creeping into the gap.